Thursday, October 4, 2012

Steamy Sex

I know you are all tired of the sappy love story with The Fisherman, so Jules is going to give you a hot sex story. He is my sexual soul mate. I swear I have never been with a man that can and wants to fuck as much as I do until this one. I have spent every night with him this week and it’s been OMG great, but last night was one of the hottest.

I went to his place after work and I still had on my work clothes b/c I looked nice and he was taking me to my favorite Indian place for dinner.  I walked in and he kissed me and told me how hot I looked and how much he wanted to bend me over the bed right then. I asked what was stopping him and the next thing I knew, my panties were coming down, my skirt was being pushed up, and he was deep inside me. He fucked my kitty for a long time and then moved to my ass. I came and came and came and finally he pulled out and came so hard he shot cum literally all across the bed. It was hot.

We cleaned up and went to sit on his lanai and have a glass of wine while watching sunset. We drove to town and ate an amazing dinner and along the way, we passed 2 sex shops. He told me he was taking me to one after dinner. He took me in and went straight for the lingerie. He picked out something he really liked for me with garters and then we browsed the toys. He bought me every single thing I wanted. It was like Xmas in the sex store!! He’s gotten more and more into me playing with his ass and we bought this one toy that was one of the most erotic things I’ve ever used with a guy. I have to say before him I was not a huge fan of playing with a guy’s ass, but since him I am so incredibly into it. It is so hot and so dominant and controlling, something I’m usually not in bed.

On the way home, I told him my kitty was soaked from being in the shop and thinking about all of the toys we had bought. He reached over to feel and proceeded to finger me into 3 orgasms while we drove home, one of which made me squirt and soak his seat.  We raced upstairs when we got to his place and opened our new toys! One of them is a cock ring with a vibe for my clit and a small dildo for my ass. I liked it well enough, but if you are every curious to buy one, go bigger on the dildo b/c the small one didn’t stay in well. He finally ended up putting it in my kitty along with his cock, which made me cum a lot! Then we broke out the best toy I’ve ever used with a guy…a long, bendy, beaded dildo. I put it into my ass and then put the other side in his. As I worked it in and out, it thrusted into him. We were both laying on our backs with our asses together and could watch each other masturbate while we shared this toy.  OMG HOT!!!! If you have a man that is willing to let you do this, go buy it NOW.

We fell asleep after this and I woke up this morning to him rubbing my body and telling me how hot last night was and he woke up wanting more. We had sleepy, intimate sex this morning and held each other as we came…awwww, there’s some of the love story interspersed…lol.  I laid in his arms after and noticed he was hard  again so I blew him until he came again and then he got up and made me coffee in bed. I heart him.


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  1. OMG I'm glad you liked the toy sharing but this story made me laugh so hard my co-workers came to check on me. I am so happy for you Jules! You deserve every moment of happiness - even if it involves sharing a butt to butt sex toy lol!