Monday, October 8, 2012

Weekend of Awesomeness Part II

So this glorious holiday weekend has continued and it's been full of awesome. The Fisherman did make it to polo yesterday and he met Gwyn and her bff and Chloe's bff, who according to Chloe was the real test of whether he could stick around. He passed with flying colors though. Our polo field is on the beach here, so he played with the girls in the water and they were sold. Chloe said yesterday was less awkward and she does like him. Yay!!!

After polo, we took the girls back to his pool and he played and swam around with them for a good hour and a half while I lounged between the hot tub and the pool. Then he suggested we take them to Chloe's favorite restaurant for dinner. We packed up, showered, and then he came over and we went out to a fabulous dinner. His next door neighbor joined us for a few drinks after dinner and she's a sweet lady. She and I talked and talked, but as we talked I could tell we were losing the rest of the table to fatigue. They had worn themselves out in all the sun and fun and water play. We headed home and they all promptly passed out. I didn't get the girls to bed before he was already snoring. I wasn't planning on him staying, but I didn't have the heart to wake him up. He got up at 4am and kissed me goodbye and apologized for not having sex before bed last night. Bless his heart, he worked and played his ass off yesterday, I told him it was ok to skip a night every so often. ;)

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