Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Lesson Learned

Well well lesson learned big time by this ol’ girl.  After our “fight” the other night and me valiantly fighting my instincts of throwing a hissy fit and being an uber-bitch I managed to stick to my “feelings” words courtesy Rory Raye and boy did it every pay off.

After the last text exchange, Peabody and I didn’t talk about Monday night. I did text him a simple good night but that was it till the next morning.  About 7:45 he texted me like normal and I responded and then he blew up my phone for the next few hours texting me.  Apparently he’d been doing a little research and found a music festival for this weekend he wanted to take me to out of the blue.  Note, from the time we started talking Tuesday morning I acted completely normal. I had processed my hurt feelings and let it go and I was not on a mission to make him feel bad or guilty or anything.

After a couple hours of texting and working he called me at work, very out of the ordinary, to make sure it was ok for me to be gone this weekend from the family (Friday is the 3rd anniversary of my dad’s death).  I assured him it was and that I’d already asked my mom about it.

The rest of the day was busy with work and right before the end of the day he called me again to chat. I just had just been talking about him and told him so and he groaned and said, “Oh God if you’re talking about me after last night it can’t be good.”  I laughed and assured him it was all good.

He immediately apologized for “screwing it up” the night before and I told him it was all fine and good.  He asked if he could take me out to dinner and I said I’d give him a call when I got done with work.  When I got to Peabody’s we jumped in his truck and he said he was taking me to one of his favorite places and he was glad we were both dressed up from work still because it was a nice place.

He started filling me in on details of this music festival and how he’s gotten us VIP access and it’s basically going to be an all inclusive trip and that he’s not inviting anyone to go with us because he thought we could use some time just us together (awwww).  We ended up eating dinner at this fabulous Italian place in a nearby town and it was SO good. We had this pumpkin gnocchi appetizer that I swear I’d have eaten off the floor because it was just that good!

All through dinner he was trying so hard to make it up the night before it was just too funny.  We laughed and talked for like three hours there and I found out lots of new things about him!  At one point in the night the wine has loosened my tongue a bit and I asked him if he thought I was going to be mean to him all day and he said, “I was sure hoping you weren’t but I figured I deserved it.”

After dinner very spontaneously he took me to his office to show me around and introduced me to a couple co-workers who were working late.  Then we headed back to his house where we lounged around and he insisted I wear his clothes because I didn’t have anything else with me and he wanted me to be comfortable.  This was all followed by some very lovely, hot make up sex too that wound up with him playing with my hair and rubbing my back till I fell asleep!

So lesson learned, don’t be a bitch – unless they really really deserve it!

Miranda (wearing her angel halo this Halloween)

PS  - Tonight Duckie and I are taking the kids trick or treating in his neighborhood. My sister invited us to go with them to a friend’s neighborhood that happened to be the very same neighborhood where Peabody’s ex wife lives.  My how fun is small town life… Thankfully neither Duckie nor I really wanted to turn it into a big production so we opted to stay in his neighborhood. So if you’re following the story that means that Duckie and Peabody will actually meet tonight unless the kids wear out before we get to his door. 

PPS – A couple weeks ago I made the decision to take some money out of my 401k and I paid off my credit cards today! For the first time in my adult life I have no credit card debt.  How freaking awesome!

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