Friday, October 12, 2012

Meet the Parents

Miranda is a happy girl.  Peabody has been out of town all week at an intensive strategy planning retreat for his job so I haven’t seen him much less even been able to talk to him very much.  But he was home yesterday and surprised me by coming over with my favorite Japanese dinner!

He chatted with the kids for a bit talking sports with Leo and listening to Ladybug read her latest book and then I sent them off to bed.  We ate and watched some of the Yankees game and then got down and dirty lol.  Afterwards we lay in bed and watched most of the rest of the game when he suddenly said, “Will 6:30 work for tomorrow?”

I asked for what and he said to come over for his son’s birthday party and to meet his parents!  I’ve met his dad very briefly in passing before but for like two minutes and I’ve never met his mom. 

What is it about the idea of meeting someone’s parents that immediately makes me feel like I’m about 16 years old?  Even meeting Gwyn’s mom for the first time a couple years ago or re-meeting Jules’ as an adult made me feel that way.  He’s got a tumultuous relationship with his parents and I’ve heard quite a lot of about them (they were very non-supportive of him during his divorce and it’s been up and down since then) so tonight should be interesting.  It’s also kind of a big deal in my mind because they will be meeting my kids. It will be an interesting night any way about it.

I simply adore this man!


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