Sunday, October 7, 2012

Weekend of Awesomeness

I swear I am more and more into The Fisherman every day. He is awesome! We spent Friday day working and doing our own thing. I met him right after he got off at his place and he poured me a glass of wine and I sat on the lanai drinking it while watching the waves and sea turtles as he showered. We went to a seafood festival Friday night at a gorgeous resort here and it was pure heaven. We did a wine tasting, so much wine was flowing, ate tons of amazing food, and listened to some bands play. One of the bands that played was one I saw with The Chilean a few months ago and I was afraid he might be there since he loves her, but I didn't see him! We came home and actually passed out together having sex. I remember waking up to him taking a toy out of me and admitting he'd fallen asleep too.

I woke up yesterday morning about 6am to him rubbing against me. As I became more and more awake, it heated up and we had spooning sex. I can honestly say I've never had sex in that position before. It was great though and allowed for some powerful orgasms b/c I guess he was in so deep. Afterward, we lay there kissing and I looked down and he was hard again, so I blew him. We fell back asleep after this and woke up about 8:30 to have more sex. Days we are both off and sleep together, this is how it goes. It's amazing! I don't even get out of bed until 10:30. After two more times, he got up to make me coffee in bed and we started our day. We went for breakfast and he helped me do a few things around my house. Yesterday was his day to meet Chloe, so he was kind of nervous throughout the day. It was cute.

After errands, we went to a nude beach near where we live. It was very sensual! He rubbed me with sunscreen and we laid there talking and watching other people. Other people there are not overly hot, but it's an interesting experience and a great way for me to be with him on the beach and still be naked...a combo of my favorite things!! We got into the water a few times and he held me and we made out and fooled around some in the water. Right before we were leaving, an old man naked as the day he was born comes up and just starts a convo with us. He was German and just standing there over us talking away about all his political views and extolling the benefits of nudity. It was hilarious and awkward all at the same time.

I left The Fisherman to go pick up Chloe from her auntie's house and we talked on the way home about them meeting. She was nervous too. I was oddly calm. I think it's because I am so totally into him and this has just been so easy that I knew they would be ok. Their meeting was so sweet! He came over with flowers for her, dessert for all of us, and a bag of goodies for her! She was super shy, but that will pass in a few meetings. We ate dinner (yes, pizza as my mother had suggested) and I put her to bed.

We went to bed shortly thereafter and watched some TV and had some more sex and he told me he hopes he's enough for me sexually b/c of all the crazy things I've done. I assured him that despite all of the crazy things I've done, I have never, ever been with a man that can keep up with him sexually. We have sex at least twice a day, but often 3-5 times a day! How can I ask for more than that?? I am on cloud 9 with him! I woke up about 4am to him kissing me goodbye and leaving for work. He said I was sleep talking last night and yelled at him for moving around, which he said he wasn't doing...lol.

He is supposed to meet Gwyn today at a polo match, but he texted me this morning and said his work phone got drowned in the ocean this morning and he has a shit ton of things to do when he gets off the boat today, so that meeting may have to be postponed a few days. I'm excited for them to meet though! My bff gets here on Friday and I'm also excited for her to meet him! It's going to be a fun week!

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