Monday, April 9, 2012

Bent but Not Broken

So I broke grounding rules slightly this weekend. Wednesday night I had a very last minute ticket turn up to a concert so I ended up going with my boss, my sister, and a big group of her friends. It was fun and we all behaved very appropriately. Thursday night my friend’s band was playing and since I hadn’t really been out out in so long I caved and went with D.

On the way there she told me that it was Coach’s birthday and he was supposed to be there. I literally demanded she turn the car around and take me home but she dissuaded me by swearing that he wasn’t even going to approach us. She said she’d already laid down the law and told him he wasn’t allowed anywhere near us. And I’m pleased to say that was exactly the case. I saw him across the room when we came in and he stayed as far away as possible. So far in fact that I completely forgot he was there, especially after a cute 25 year old started chatting me up. We danced a little and I let him sneak a kiss but then I sent him on his way for never having seen the movie Urban Cowboy. What’s up with me and Jules and the young guys???

Friday night I stayed home and watched TV until I thought my eyes would fall out. It was a gloriously lazy day/night. I did have a funny conversation with Kansas that night. He was texting me trying to get an invite over and he asked me if I was sure I wanted a relationship. I told him yes I was sure. And he said, “why do you want to go and mess up the good thing we have going?” I laughed at him and asked just what he thought we had going. We text a couple times a week at most and I haven’t seen him in a month! Guys are so strange.

Saturday night I had every intention of staying home but then D and her boyfriend begged me to go out with them and he promised to pay for everything. Who am I to turn down a prime offer like that lol? We ended up on a marathon ride along and went to four different bars. One good one, the rest all crap holes. Nothing huge happened. I was trying to stay pretty chill and not drink too much but some highlights of the night were seeing the world’s longest mullet, overhearing two black guys say “damn country girls can get down” while watching me and D dance (note we both had on cowboy hats – hence the country girl comment), and best of all I randomly saw the Repo guy from New Year’s Eve and his weirdo friend – even better was that they had on the exact same outfits they wore on NYE.

By the end of that very long night I realized that I’m starting to be totally over going out like that. Every once in a while is fun but to do it two nights in such close proximity is just overkill. Especially going out in the town where I live. If I go to other towns at least I get to see different people. Here it’s just the same old people who frankly don’t deserve to have anything to do with my life.

So I’m back on the wagon till the end of April when I’ll complete my 60 days of grounding. This has definitely been one of the best decisions I’ve made for myself in a long long time.


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