Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sexy School Girl and Toy Review!

It's time to talk about the awesome Eden Fantasys again because they brought some epic fun into the bedroom a few days ago! A while back, I went on a wild and crazy shopping spree and bought some fun new items. Owen and I had not had an opportunity to use all of them yet, but I decided to start introducing them b/c he loves sex toys almost as much as I do! He walked in yesterday morning to me dressed in this outfit. (No, this is not me...haha)

I put this on and did smoky, sexy eye makeup and pulled my hair into a side ponytail. When he walked in, I was on my bed on my knees waiting for him. The look on his face was priceless! He loved this and has talked about it repeatedly since. I'm adding the link here, but it's currently out of stock. When it comes back in, order it! Men go crazy for this!! Owen typically isn't a fan of lingerie b/c he says it just gets in the way and he wants to touch me, but he went crazy over this. 

One of the other toys that I ordered from Eden Fantasys, is this gem! 
Here's the link to the G-Spot glass dildo, sadly it is also out of stock right now! You can set alerts though to be notified when these items come in b/c Eden Fantasys is just cool like that. This toy is Owen's absolute favorite in my collection right now. He loves to DP me with it and says that he can feel all the ribs on his big, hard cock when they are both inside me. He also reports that the base of it feels really good too when he's inside me. It is the most reached for, most requested toy in the toy box right now! I love glass toys. They feel soooo cool and smooth going in, it's such an amazing feeling having both him and this toy inside me. Buy your own as soon as possible!!! Short of buying this one, they do have some similar ones in stock that are on sale right now! 

Eden Fantasys is currently running a 25% off sale on their dildos and vibrators through April 20th! While you can't get the exact glass one I love right now, you can get this! I've blogged about this toy before. It is MY fave! I love it alone and I love it with Owen too. It has so many speeds!!! The silcone texture is to die for. It's kind of expensive, but it is worth every freaking penny and right now it takes less pennies since it's 25% off. You will thank me, I promise. 
This is a sponsored post for Eden Fantasys, but you guys know Jules would never, ever steer you in the wrong direction with sexual related items! Hurry while the sale is on!! Also while they don't have the school girl outfit I picked up in stock, they do have others and they are also having a huge spring lingerie sale right now too! Have fun shopping!!! 

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  1. I like the way you have written this post and given details about Eden Fantasys. It's good to know that they have a huge spring sale.