Thursday, April 26, 2012

Feel Like Making Love???

I saw Owen today for some morning sex before work. It was our normal, heated, passionate fun. I met him out b/c Gwyn's mom is visiting and Russell was home as well. We've been trying to hook up all week, but this was our first chance. Anyway, I brought a new toy with me and it was amazing!

I hopped into his van in one of our spots and he was already taking off his clothes. I paused to take off my shoes and he pulled me over to him and started undressing me and kissing me. We fooled around for a little bit, kissing, touching, etc. and then he asked me for the new toy I had told him about. It's a new glass anal toy...omg. I just got it last week and had not had an opportunity to use it until today.

He bent me over and knelt beside me playing with me and working it into me. Then he got behind me and starting fucking me...it was amazing and intense. He came within a few minutes, which is super unusual for him! Of course, he kept going...I really love that trait in him. I find it one of his most impressive. I came a few more times, dressed, and left for work.

We texted some throughout the day and I mentioned that I knew his birthday was this weekend and asked what his birthday sex wish is, telling him that his wish is my command. He texted me back a smile. I cracked myself up and replied "A smile is all you want?? Well, I can do that for sure but idk if it will make you cum...lol". His reply " Every time we make love is like a present". What??? When did we move from fucking to making love??? Did I miss something? Maybe he's drunk...


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  1. OMG OMG "making love"?????