Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Once, Twice, Three Times A Lady

Well, we know Jules is a lot of things, but definitely not a lady. ;) I'm a kick ass amazing woman, but I love to get down and dirty and quite frankly ladies do not kiss and tell, so aren't you all glad I'm not a lady?! The sex drought ended today in an epic way and it just so happened to be Jules Appreciation Day. We're having 2 of those this month because I missed the fall one...so, one today and one next Monday! If you have not been following the blog, I have 2 days a year (one in the spring and one in the fall) where I do not work, do not do school stuff, and I only do things that I want to do...period.

Owen decided that he would love to be a participant and he felt compelled to show me not once, but twice today how much he appreciates me. I love that the men in my life always embrace this day. He came over first thing this morning while we had some alone time at the house. Gwyn texted that she was otw home as he was otw over, but he had a Dr. appt. so I knew it would be a quickie and they wouldn't cross paths or more importantly she wouldn't walk in on us.

He came in and I was playing with my new glass toy, which he has deemed his new favorite. I had it in my kitty and he had asked to go straight to my ass, which was fine by me...but he decided otherwise and spent about 15 minutes giving me the MOST amazing orgasms by doing a little DV with the toy and his huge cock...OMG. Yes, it was most definitely Jules Appreciation Day. I came like a billion times. He realized the time and knew that he had about 20 minutes to get 30 minutes down the road, so he suggested that we finish after his appt...um, yes please!

I drove up to one of our old meeting spots and climbed into his van and onto his lap. We spent forever just kissing and he had requested that I come with only a dress on...no underwear. He pulled my tits out of my dress and hiked it up around my hips and caressed and kissed me in the all the right places getting me warmed up again for round 2. I've never met a man that can repeatedly make me cum with just his fingers, but he can. I hopped off of him after I'd finished and sucked him for a bit and then laid down to take him fully and deeply in my ass for some mind altering orgasms. He came nice and hard and kept going to give me a few more. We finished and made out some more and then I headed out to spend the day on the beach.

He texted me later in the day to tell me his wife has been googling how to find deleted texts on an iPhone. I've changed my VM to the standard one and my phone is in Russell's name, so I think we are safe. I asked him what he wanted to do...if he needed a break or what. I told him I don't want to complicate his life. He assured me that I do not (though clearly that's not true...) and that we need to just text on his 2nd line thing for now with no pics and such and he thinks things will be fine. I'd be over this by now if it wasn't the perfect non-relationship for me. I was thinking about this today after getting that text and contemplating just ending things, but honestly why? He is literally perfect for me for now. I get and get and get from him...the best sex ever and really I give very little. I mean I give him great sex back, but I don't have to do anything for him. I don't have to consider his feelings...I don't have to cook and clean for him...I don't have to plan my life around his...yeah, I'm getting a good thing and I'm keeping it going. I hope karma spares me.

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