Saturday, April 7, 2012

Good Friday? Hell No...Good Thursday!

Last night was a crazy fun night that ended with me being hungover like a mf today though. I went out last night about 8:30pm with my ex work husband and his Asian gf of the week visiting from her mother land. I hate when he makes me do this b/c these poor women are usually about as exciting as milk toast and rarely speak English. This one was different though...we got a few drinks in her and she was chatty and fun.

We left the 1st bar and went to a 2nd one and when we pulled up, we got out beside these guys sitting in the back of a car with the windows up. I live in Hawaii, so if you are unsure of what they were probably doing I'll clue you in...they were in all likelihood smoking weed (though they denied it). So, I'd had a few glasses of wine at this point and I stepped out, smiled at them, and asked in a coy, mother like voice "What are ya'll doing?". Then I busted out laughing over their expressions. We went inside and started drinking and eventually they came in and sat down near us. As the night progressed and I drank more and more, the flirting increased. One of the guys (and they were all like early-mid 20s) was super cute. I love dirty surfer boys...a lot. He was a blond haired guy with dreads and an awesome dimple smile. I melted.

I'm not sure how all of this went down b/c of the aforementioned drinking, but I know that at the end of the night I left with them and not my ex work husband. They took me to a bonfire on a beach and met up with some of their other friends and sat around listening to this one guy play guitar and sing. It was a lot of fun, though I did note that I was by far the oldest person there. At some point, the guy I came with and I went up further on the beach under some trees and hooked up. I can't give you details b/c I don't remember most of them, but I left sore this morning and with no panties, so I'm thinking it was a great time.

I woke up sometime in the 5am hour, under a tree on that beach, wrapped up in a sheet beside this guy, getting rained on. I tried to rouse him up to help me get his friend to drive me home, but he wasn't budging after he asked the time and then he told me I had said I wasn't leaving until like 6am. I knew I needed to get home and I was still pretty drunk at that point. I weighed my options of trying to get his friend up or just hitching a ride home on the road, but I wasn't 100% sure where I was. So, I aired on the side of caution and opted for trying to get the friend up.

I opened the car where this guy was sleeping (They were sleeping on the beach last night so that they could get up early to surf 1st thing this morning.) and patted him on the legs to wake him and asked for a ride. He said to give him 30 minutes and I was like "yeah, no I need to go now". I offered to drive if he wanted to sleep and even offered to pay him, which eventually motivated him and he very nicely drove me the 20 minutes or so back to my house, where I paid him, went in and fell into my bed for about 3 hours before Chloe started in on Mission Get Mama Out of Bed. She woke up about 3am and noticed I wasn't home, which has lead to an inquisition ALL day. She asked Gwyn and I separately if the place I went to was even open at 3am. Dude, totally busted by my 8 year old...epic.

Meanwhile today, Owen has been texting me all day trying to get me to meet him. I couldn't this morning b/c I was so completely hungover and I was still sore and I had Chloe. He tried again mid-afternoon and I had that worked out but then a series of events on my end with timing made it impossible. I've got him working on tomorrow morning if he can get away, or for sure on Monday when the kids are in school since I'm off! He knows my birthday is Sunday and is dying to give me birthday sex. I cracked up laughing at him earlier this week when he asked me if my birthday is always on Easter...um, no sweetheart because maybe you've noticed in your almost 41 years of life on this planet that Easter moves??

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