Friday, April 20, 2012

Dirty Thoughts With Miranda

So during my daily peruse of TheFrisky.com, one of my favorite websites, I stumbled upon a photo collection of the 8 Most Amazing Tongues. Of course I had to take a look and I'm not ashamed to say when this picture popped up it made my mind immediately go dirty.  Just imagine what these people could do with these tongues.

From left to right.
Nick Afansiev: 3.5 inches, second longest tongue in the United States

Stephen Taylor: 3.86 inches, currently the Guinness World Records holder for longest tongue, longest tongue in the UK

Chanel Tapper: 3.8 inches, second longest tongue in the UK

Nick Stoeberl: Allegedly 3.988 inches, challenging Stephen Taylor for the Guinness World Record

Well, my horoscope did say I was entering a very horny period...


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