Monday, April 23, 2012

I Don't Make This Sh*T Up People

So a serious case of strep throat laid me low most of last week and into the weekend. In my boredom, and in light of the upcoming cease to my grounding, I reopened my account on Ok Cupid. I find it to be a much less skanky version of PoF.  The goal was to entertain myself during my confinement and boy did it turn entertaining.

Emails start arriving.  In my languishing state I look through them laughing and passing on funny tidbits to my boss.  An interesting prospect arrives. Cute, mid 40s, lawyer, foodie/wine guy, smart, knows how to spell (or use spell check), only apparent negative is he lives about an hour away from me.  I opted to exchange a few messages.  All very interesting and promising.

Then I actually read his profile and not only does he own a law firm, he's a magician on the side.  Yes I said magician.  But he only does it for fun and mostly it's big shows, like he's seriously a semi-famous illusionist.  Today at work after chortling over that with my boss we Googled him wondering if he was telling the truth. It's true. And want to hear one better, after reading his magician website, turns out he suffered a serious injury a few years ago and he's in a wheelchair now. 

Yes indeed. Miranda found a lawyer/magician/paraplegic.  Only me folks, only me.



  1. Dont give up Miranda!! he is out there!!!

  2. I REALLY wish you could tell us his name. (I definitely googled "Magician in a wheel chair," but I got nothin' :(

  3. Not the Amazing Jim!

    Bwa ha ha, I had no intention of catching up on blogs tonight, but the headline grabbed me... and thank you, you made my night :-)