Friday, May 4, 2012

WTF Was I Thinking??

I had hot lunch time sex with Owen today. It was amazing! Of course as I was walking back into the office, I noticed that I had some cum on my collar bone. He was fucking me and then when he was ready to cum, I sucked him off. Apparently it took me a few seconds too long to get him into my mouth and he came some on my collar bone. Then, I noticed that I had a clump of something sticky in my hair...rofl, classy!

We were supposed to meet up again after I got out of practicum for round 2, but it was thwarted by the damn wife. I expressed some frustration over this and encouraged him to cum by despite her close proximity. We texted and teased each other some and then he told me that he felt excited and guilty all at the same time about this exchange and not coming over again. I took it a step further and told him that I found it a lot easier being his mistress when I still felt like I was married. I told him that I'm at that point where I want more out of a relationship, but that I love being his mistress b/c it's the best sex ever and I'm not ready to quit that yet, so hence my frustration with him when things like this happen (as they often do when you are fucking a man with a wife and kids...).

He hasn't responded. I did add to my text after hitting send and going 'WTF did I just do?' and reiterated that I'm not looking to change anything right now, but that I too was just sharing how I felt.

There has been a lot of discussion this month about closure and how sometimes you have to close one door or chapter in your life in order for other things to happen. Of course this was about grad school, but I think it certainly applies here too. I just can't imagine not having sex with him. It is literally the best ever...I mean ever. I don't call him a Sex God for nothing.

PS He responded and basically said that he knew this would happen at some point and that he wanted to keep having amazing sex with me as long as I wanted it and that he wasn't going anywhere until I told him to beat it. I assured him I wasn't telling him that anytime soon.

PPS Now we are having this exchange about how my evening went with Chloe and about an event we went to tonight...we never do that. I didn't imply that I wanted him to be my bf...is he overcompensating now in hopes he can fulfill what I want?? This is why I should have kept my mouth shut...no good will come from either direction of it. I just want to keep fucking him for now and enjoy that.

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