Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Tied Up

Yes, Jules got tied up today and it was fucking hot!! Owen and I were going to try to get together twice today, but since my lunch and his return trip from the Dr. didn't line up quite like we hoped, it was only once...but it was the most awesome of times!!!

I had mentioned a few days ago that I'd bought restraints and wondered what his thoughts were on tying me up. He said he thought it would be H-O-T and it was! He came in and I was playing with my favorite big pink vibe. He took over that for few and reached over and started playing with the ropes. I started stroking his cock and he pulled one of my wrists up and put one of the ropes over it. Then he did the same to the other side and looped it around his very hard cock. He continued to fuck me with the toy and let me stroke him. When he was ready to enter me, he pulled the vibe out and put it to my lips for me to lick. I obeyed and then he put it back in me along with his cock and proceeded to gently fuck me and kiss me while my wrists were restrained behind my head. I was in heaven, but ya'll know it got even better!

We did this double vaginal thing for a while, which feels amazing!!! He pulled out and had me lick him clean a few times and was totally into my wrists being restrained and jerking me around a little. He got a little too into fucking my mouth at one point and made me gag hard core because he rammed his cock way down my throat. He's so not naturally aggressive. He apologized like 1000 times, bless his heart. I was totally fine minus the eye watering...haha.

He entered me again and fucked me into a few more orgasms and then got into position for some 69. He licked and fucked me with my vibe while I sucked his huge cock and stimulated his ass. I didn't enter it b/c it's still virgin territory, but I was working him up to the idea. He flipped around and told me it was time for me to get my ass fucked. Yes, sir!! He pulled my legs up around his shoulders and started fucking my kitty again. As he was doing so, he reached over and grabbed the leg restraints and tied me up by the ankles and somehow looped it into the wrist ones.

Owen rolled me over on my side and lay with his chest to my back and had me work his cock into my ass. He loves when I take it in at a speed that I want. As I was doing this, he was still playing with my vibe and giving it to me hard. It made me want to take his cock in faster and we were going at it hard. I loved it because I could watch him watching me and there's something hot about that. He knows how I love it best though so after a while, he pulled out and told me to roll over on my stomach. I complied and he pushed my legs together and went back into my ass. Then he did this thing that I swear is one of the hottest sex moves he's ever done...when I describe it, it sounds less than amazing but trust me...it was epic and I'm not a foot girl.

As I'm lying on my stomach taking him into my ass, he reaches around and pulls my restrained feet up and holds my feet in his hands as the rope was taunt against his ass and literally pounded my ass. It was OMG good. Sounds so simple, but produced some awesome results! He let my legs go and then laid down on me and finished with a long, hard, serious ass pounding. I was soaked in cum!! I could have kept going forever, but it was time to get Chloe and I knew he probably had to run too. I cannot wait to do that again! We did a super fast version of our make out shower session and then I ran out the door.

On the way back home, I stopped to pick up one of Chloe's friends. I'm pretty sure I now owe her mom therapy money. She pipes up from the back seat and says "I saw a van at your house". Chloe said "Yeah they were probably doing work b/c Mom broke the kitchen faucet". Kid replies "I don't know but I heard them making a lot of funny noises". I got out of the car and turned about 50 shades of red and the kid walked by looking real funny at me....lol, omg!

In other news around the island/world, I'm missing Gwyn as a roommate, but I'm happy she's in her own place. I know she couldn't live here forever but it was nice while it lasted. Chloe misses her like crazy! We are both about to die for Miranda to hurry up and get here in 39 days and I can't wait to go home and see Miranda and Josie and Dave in 2 weeks! (A special get well shout out to Josie....we are glad you are now on the mend and I love you more than wine.) Gavin called me last night. We had a nice convo where he told me how much he misses me. Dude, thanks for fucking with my head from 2500 miles away. I miss him too but much like the Miranda-Coach situation, I know it is toxic and will never come to be anything more than what it was. I think more than anything I miss him as my friend. I still hear certain things outside and think for a brief moment that it's him. Uggg, I hate that.

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