Saturday, May 19, 2012


Yesterday I met the teacher, who I am very creatively calling "Teach", for coffee. He was finishing up his last day at school because he's taking the kids to DC (50 of them!) so he was running a little late and texted me to ask if we could meet up a little later. I'm glad he does actually text too, though I'm still a big fan of the phone calls from him. Anyway, I said yes but I had to leave at a certain time to get to Chloe's soccer game and that it would have to be a speed date.

He was there when I got there (big plus) and bought us coffee and we sat in the garden area and talked non stop. He's really funny and very cute. He's not a drop dead hottie, but I'm definitely attracted to him. He's also not a bad boy and while that is totally my type, it's a good thing that he's not. He has a Masters degree in Education and seems to really love what he does. He doesn't have kids of his own and I didn't get yet whether or not he's been married. He lives in an amazing place near me and wait for it...he's a big sheller too. He told me about all kinds of cool shells that he's found right out in the bay in front of his house.

At the end, he hugged me and told me that he leaves Sunday and will be on the mainland until June 16th with the field trip and a long family visit, but that he would like to call me when he gets back and was very glad that we had a chance to meet before he left. That actually works out very well because when he comes back I will have just returned from dropping Chloe off on the mainland as well and will have lots of free time. I'm cautiously excited about him.

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