Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Who Ya Gonna Call????

Well 60 days of grounding went a long ways my friends. It was seriously the best decision I’ve made probably since I left Duckie in the first place.

I mentioned that I had started back up my OkCupid account last week to amuse myself while I was sick. I have gotten a lot of messages from a whole lot of unsuitable people on there to say the least (remember the lawyer/magician/paraplegic?). But one guy popped up with an entertaining message and I bit and responded.

Two messages turned into about 15 of the course of a couple days and I was very intrigued by him. When he asked, I complied and gave him my number. We texted just a few times and then he asked if it was ok to call. I told him of course and Sunday night turned into an almost three hour phone conversation. Winner winner chicken dinner!

Egon what's up with the Kid and Play 'fro?
Mr. Big (yes I may be Miranda but I’m actually more of a “Carrie” with a dash of “Miranda” and “Samantha” thrown in in real life) is 44, 6’, from New Jersey/New York area, lived all over the world, speaks fluent French and Portuguese, travels for work at least a week out of every month, divorced for about six years now, is in international finance, extremely cultured, funny with a great dry humor, and he’s got the best manners I’ve seen on a man in years - as in pulls out the chair for a lady manners. And funnily enough I kept thinking his voice sounded familiar and I realized what it was yesterday. Big’s voice sounds just like Egon’s from Ghostbusters. And in a much more attractive way resembles him a bit. Very very funny!

During our marathon conversation on Sunday he asked me out to dinner for Tuesday. We wrapped up our conversation with plans for Tuesday. Monday night he called and we talked again for a couple hours. Tuesday he texted me a couple times during the day and then called in the afternoon to confirm our plans. I had to scramble home from work to get ready (where I burned myself for the first time in my entire life on my curling iron) and then scrambled with a tad of trepidation to the restaurant. I definitely feel like my period of confinement gave me a healthy dose of skepticism about dating.

I walked up to the bar and he turned around and I was happily impressed! He’s way more attractive in person! We chatted at the bar for a bit and then grabbed a seat at a table. He asked what I wanted and when the waiter came he ordered for me. He picked a couple glasses of wine for us to sample. The food was great. The conversation was awesome. It was all going great! After dinner we sat for a while and laughed and talked more and he suggested we go elsewhere for dessert. He walked me to my car and snuck in a quick kiss before we drove separately to the next location.

We ended up at another restaurant where he eats all the time and the staff greeted him like he was a movie star. Every person stopped and spoke to him; he was practically shaking hands and kissing babies like a politician. We talked for about another hour or so and just had a fabulous time. We wrapped up the date around 11 and spent another 20-30 minutes standing in the parking lot talking (with a few kisses thrown in) and he said since he has to leave for Miami for work on Saturday he wanted to make sure we spent more time together before he was gone for a week. Big loves baseball, and luckily I like it as well so he suggested we use his box seats for a game on Thursday. I told him I thought that sounded fun and then he asked if it’d be too forward to take me to dinner again tonight.

I was more than happy to agree so he’s picking me up tonight and we’re just going to grab something in town. I’m excited to have found someone who seems relatively baggage free and who is a grown man who still has a real sense of fun. It’s like the best of both worlds in a way!

I am so glad my first date after my confinement was such a good one. I needed it and I think the universe owed me one since I’ve been so good lately. Hopefully Big keeps living up to his name!


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