Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Coffee Talk with Jules

Jules has some potential summer fun lined up...with an adult...that has a job. I am so not getting excited yet, but I've been emailing with this guy I met online (not on POF or CL) and he is a teacher and he's 39. He used to be some corporate schmuck, but gave it up b/c he hates corporate America and decided to give back to the world and teach.  Instant score b/c while I want to date an employed man, I despise the corporate world. I'm almost drooling as I type this because I love men that are in "helping" professions. Anyway, we have not done the 50 million emails back and forth (which I've grown to hate). He asked me out pretty quickly, which I'm into only because I've talked endlessly with a few guys that never panned out to be anything b/c I got bored talking to some random stranger I'd never met before. I'd rather meet someone quickly to see if continued interaction is warranted.

He asked for my phone number and I gave it to him last week and told him I was going to Kauai this past weekend, but that he could call me this week and that I would like to go out with him. He called me today and asked me out for Thursday or Friday, depending on my work schedule and kid pick up. I would like to point out that he actually called me, he did not text me. I love to text as much as a teenage girl, but some things like a first date request are sooooooo much better when they actually occur old school style. It shows you have some manners and class and perhaps you are from a good upbringing.

I'm also impressed that he asked me to coffee and not out to drink. I love to drink. I mean it is literally one of my favorite activities, but it's a bad first date for me b/c after a few I'm good to go and chances are excellent I'll sleep with you and then we all know how that ends. I do much better if the 1st date is not a alcoholic drinking event. Other noteworthy things are that he lives on this side of the island and has been here for a few years and loves it! I'll keep you guys posted.

In an interesting turn of events, I think I am actually going to be home alone most of the summer! Gwyn moves out tomorrow (boo, but good for her getting her own space), Chloe will be in NC with my family, and Russell told me last weekend that he will be house sitting his current bf's apt this summer while he's off island for a huge chunk of time. This would normally be a total fuckfest with Owen, but he also informed me last week that he's going to be gone all summer too. So, it's time for some fresh meat...this could be a summer of change...who knows?

In the meantime, I'll give you a topic and you can talk amongst yourselves. The Holy Roman Empire was neither holy nor Roman nor an empire...discuss.


  1. A summer of change sounds like a great idea...

  2. I think so too! It's time for some kind of movement. -Jules