Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Awkward Family Moment

Yesterday I went hiking with Chloe and my ex work husband. As we were headed back, we stopped to look at some baby birds and as I'm taking pictures of them I hear my ex work husband talking to some people on bikes telling them to look at them. Then I hear a voice I recognize and turn around...only to come face to face with Owen and his daughter. I turned around quickly and resumed bird watching and as he rode down the path, he turned back and grinned at me. They rode on and I thought they had come from the opposite direction, but no.

As we came through a gated area, there they were again and as I doubled around to get back on the trail I said something b/c he was just staring at me and damn if he didn't start up a convo. Really??? Hello, awkward moment. Chloe and ex work husband were ahead of me, so I stood there talking to them for a few minutes. When he pointed out my earrings that I'd made to his daughter, I decided that was my cue to exit the area. I could not stand there another second having a convo with this girl. I mean she is gorgeous and sweet, but I was feeling guiltier than a whore in church knowing that her daddy does the things to me that he does. I walked off and I figured they would turn around because we were discussing how hard it is to ride a bike down this one area (not that Jules would know personally b/c I can't ride a bike...). By this time, ex work husband has helped Chloe down this slippery rocky part and has come back to get me.

As he's helping me down the path, I hear him shout back and ask Owen if they needed help carrying his daughter's bike down. (I'm dying at this point...I've decided now that it's just funny and Owen's cracking up and shooting me smiles every time he can b/c I later found out he thought ex work husband was Russell.) We all make it down the hill and stand there for a few more minutes chatting and they ride off down the side we're hiking. At the end, we pass them yet again and stop to talk about the beach they stopped before turning back and to tell them about a seal we saw along the way. I  really had no intention of Owen and I ever meeting each other's kids...ever.


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