Friday, September 14, 2012

Swimmingly Well

Things are amazing with the Fisherman and yes, I'm going to use all the fishing titles I can think of. He is so good to me and I’ve loved spending time with him this week. He came over Tuesday night and bought me my favorite wine, flowers, and a super sweet card. It was a little sappy for Jules, but I have to admit I kind of liked it. We hung out and talked and then had amazing sex. He had to leave for work at 4:30am, so I let him stay and we woke up and had more amazing sex before he left. He lets me do whatever I want to with his cock, so this is working out nicely.  I think we both have a case of puppy love and it’s definitely the kind of a puppy in heat.
He came back over last night and we laid in my bed watching a TV show we both like. He did something last night that I’ve never seen in all my years of sex.  He went down on me and fingered my kitty and my ass for a while until I had quite a few super intense orgasms. Then we had sex and he wanted anal sex, so I gave it him. I came a bunch more and then he wanted me to suck him. I did and he came and then he stopped for just a little bit and then he came a second time. He called it a double orgasm. I’ve never seen a guy do that.  I’ve made men cum twice minutes apart, but never seconds apart. The first one stopped though, so it wasn’t like one long continuous one.
Today he’s taking my car to fix the tires. He’s just one of those guys that likes to take care of you. He’s very self sufficient, he’s not an addict, and he’s not an asshole. I’ve stumbled into unknown waters. Chloe accidentally saw him last night and then stalked him this morning. We had the alarm set for him to get up way before she does for school, but she came into my room last night when she knocked something over in her room and scared herself. She didn’t mention seeing him then, so I thought perhaps I was in the clear b/c it was really dark in my room. This morning he’s kissing me and leaving and walks out and then walks right back in to tell me that Chloe is sitting on the couch playing with shells and saw him. Dude, that kid stalked him. He asks me what to do and I told him to just go ahead and leave and I would handle it.
He left and in she bolted. She told me (all jacked up) that she never really went back to sleep last night and that she’s been up since 6:15am getting ready for school and eating breakfast and that she wanted to surprise me. Oh she surprised me alright! Then she says, “Um Mom you have some explaining to do”. I laughed at the way she said it and when I didn’t reply immediately she said, “I’m waiting…not getting any younger over here!”. I told her that his name is The Fisherman and that he’s a really nice guy that Mommy is dating and likes a lot. I told her that I’m not ready for her to meet him yet though and that I was sorry she had seen him. It turns out she did see him in bed last night and then went back to her dad’s room where she’s sleeping and looked outside and saw another car in the driveway. She totally stayed up to stake him out and catch him leaving. We were outsmarted by a 9 year old! Her main concern is that he’s not like Gavin. I assured her that he’s the exact opposite of Gavin. Then she dropped it and we went on about our morning. I think it freaked him out, but I assured him things were ok.
He told me today that I’m someone he sees himself falling in love with and oddly, I didn’t freak out. I have warned him that I go all commitment crazy and freak out after a while. Because he is so open and upfront about his feelings and is actually available, I may not with him. It’s funny b/c I damn sure wasn’t looking for a bf, but I think I’ve got one coming on. Chloe is spending the weekend at her auntie’s house and we are planning to spend a lot of the weekend together.
Russell is in China and doing really well. I did email him today and told him about the accidental meeting. He knew about The Fisherman before he left, so he didn’t really reply about it. I guess that means he’s whatever about it and is leaving it to me to handle.  Until this morning, I thought I was kicking ass at this single parent thing. I guess we all have good days and bad days parenting. Clearly last night and this morning were parenting fails. Thankfully, she never came across the Chilean so she doesn’t think I’ve seen anyone since Gavin. When I was talking to her about it this morning, she made some comment about how I don’t have a lot of boyfriends so this is ok with her.  I sure am glad that is her perception!!!

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