Friday, September 7, 2012

Rise and Shine for Owen Appreciation Day

I had the pleasure of dropping Chloe off at school this morning and then coming home to Owen! He came over for some super hot sex before work this morning. Sex in the morning has never been my favorite, mostly b/c I'm not a morning person but if I started my day like this every day I think that would change!

I had told him today was Owen Appreciation Day. I have 2 Jules Appreciation Days a year, one in the spring and 1 in the fall. Honestly, any sex day with him is also a Jules Appreciation Day. He had texted me yesterday about seeing me today and had asked if he could just come in today and have his way with me. Why yes, yes you can...anytime. I LOVE when he just takes control of me, but he usually does things he knows I like. He did things I loved today, but they weren't part of his "normal".

I bought a hot new toy from Eden Fantasys that I'll tell you about soon. It's glass and huge, like a scepter. I showed him yesterday during sexting and he was intrigued. He came in and climbed on top of me in my bed and kissed me while rubbing his hard cock on me. Then he sat up on his knees and spanked my kitty with his  cock. It felt good and he seemed to really enjoy doing it. I'm not sure why, but it was his day. I had the new toy inside me and I'd told him yesterday that I didn't know if I could take him and it at the same time. Well that was clearly a challenge. He totally showed me that I could and it produced some crazy intense orgasms. Finally, he pulled out after I'd cum a million times already and propped me up on some pillows and entered my ass with the toy still in my kitty. OMG...awesome!! He had my legs up and was kissing my calves and fucking the holy hell out of me until he pulled out and came all over my kitty. Good lord, even on Owen Appreciation Day he satisfies me to no end!

We jumped in the shower and he lathered me up and kissed me and washed my entire body for me. We haven't done that in a while...so sensual. He told me during this that after today he didn't know if "normal" sex would be enough for me again. LOL, it's kind of not with other guys but I assured him his "normal" is quite awesome and pleasures me endlessly!


  1. No Comments? none? come on now, super hot story...

  2. I know! I write you guys all these dirty, hot stories about my sex life and I get nothing in return. Thanks for commenting! ;)