Thursday, September 13, 2012

Peace of Mind

Aside from my crazy insecurity a week ago things have continued to be awesome with Peabody.  We spent almost all of the weekend together and I continue to be so pleased at how easy and peaceful everything is with him.

At different points last week he very briefly met my mom and I met his dad one night at his house.  We spent a couple nights during the week together and a couple apart which gave me the perfect amount of alone time though quite honestly I don’t feel an overwhelming need for “alone” time since he’s not ass-crazy like The Christian was. 

Friday we went to a film festival and out to a late dinner.  He stayed at my house for the first time all night and we woke up and lay in bed for a couple hours talking and snuggling and having fantastic morning sex.  Saturday day we went to a friend of his’s store that was having a three year celebration (it’s a beer place and I drank watermelon beer – yep as strange as it sounds) and then cooked dinner with some other friends and watched a movie.  Sunday I ran some errands and cleaned up my house then ended up going back over to his house to help him cook chicken stew for a big group of friends who all came over and watched football.

Yep Miranda voluntarily watched football. I’m pretty sure hell froze over.  And honestly I didn’t mind it too much, well not for the first hour or so then I got bored and had to focus on finding other ways to entertain myself.

Things are just progressing really nice and easy with him.  I’m definitely feeling way more comfortable (re: less insecure) especially since we just had the “we’re only seeing each other” talk though it was not a girlfriend/boyfriend talk by any means.  Our kids have met each other too at this point and they get along very well.  Ladybug is so happy to finally have another girl to play with lol.   

I haven’t seen him much this week since I have the kids so I’m feeling more than a little randy. Last night he worked late and then went to dinner with some of his staff and I dirty Facebooked him.  I had to Facebook him because I’ve been having technical difficulties with my phone.  It was actually the first time I’ve really talked dirty like that with him.  Facebook sex is interesting to say the least.  It was a first for sure.  He said it was super hot but it made sitting at dinner a little awkward because he was so turned on and distracted lol.

This thing with Peabody is not like anything I’ve ever experienced.  He’s just a great all around guy and I definitely feel safe to say I adore being with him!


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