Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Remembering Why I Love Being Single

Oh yeah, I am actively remembering right now why I do not engage in relationships. The Chilean is making me fucking crazy. It's as much me as it is him b/c I get insecure in the beginning, but I'm feeling kind of insane right now. I'm out of my element and I dislike it.

It started with his no sex challenge. Friday morning he left and things were fine. Saturday he texts me to hang out and I told him I was busy all day at a wedding, which I had previously mentioned. We text later that night and he asks me to come over. I said I thought it was too late, I was sleeping with Chloe, and I'd see him the next night if he wanted. Then he starts talking about how he wants more of the sex like we had Thursday night. I'm like "Dude, you are the one that instituted the no sex thing like yesterday...so which is it?". I finally just quit chatting and went to sleep.

Sunday, he FB messages me and asks what I'm doing. I'm told him my plans for the day and he says he wishes he could join me. I said that I did too, and that this thing was temporary and once he met Chloe than we could do things together a lot more. He seemed to get it, but that night when I asked if he wanted to hang out he got kind of crazy on me and told me that he still thinks all I want is sex and that he can't understand why I can't see him during the day like normal people...direct quote. I reiterated my situation and told him if he doesn't get that Chloe is top priority, he's not the man for me. He said something about how if I didn't get his need to sleep, I probably wasn't the girl for him. We were both drinking, so I just let it go.

Monday, he texts me to watch sunset. I again told him that I could not b/c I was with Chloe on Mommy duty. Yesterday was her 1st day of school and I had a lot of forms and stuff to fill out. He said he totally understood and apologized for the day before saying again how he admires what a good mom I am and how I put her first. He didn't want to do anything last night though b/c he had to work early today, or so he thought.

He sends me a FB message today around 11am asking if I'm off b/c it turns out his boss didn't need him. I replied when I got home at 4pm that I wasn't as I had told him today was my last day of practicum. I did tell him I had an hour before I had to pick up Chloe and I would gladly spend it with him or he could come over tonight b/c Russell is probably staying out at his man cave. He pretty much declined both offers. At this point, fuck it. I can't seem to make him happy with regards to seeing me. I'm initiating no further contact and he can figure his shit out or not.

In other news, I've just decided men suck (sorry men). My friend that got married this past weekend had to call the police on her new groom for pushing her down the stairs last night. This guy has never been remotely violent...ever. He knows she was abused badly in the past and has always hated that guy and spoken very vocally about how fucking lame it is for men to do that shit. Then 2 damn days after the wedding, he does it.

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