Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Another Mama Encounter

Here’s a hilarious tale for you all. I don’t know why I decided to tell my mother about The Chilean, but last night we were sitting on the porch and I just kind of spilled it that I was seeing this guy again and that I kind of really like him. Russell was out there and there was a ton of wine flowing and The Chilean was texting me asking me to come over. I had told him earlier in the night that I would when she went to bed. 

Anyway, this texting and such goes on for hours and finally around midnight Russell brings out the weed and starts smoking. I do not know why in life he thought this was ok to do with my mom, but he did! LOL! Well, my mom has only ever shot gunned pot once (or so she says) and she liked it, but it’s not something she does…ever. She totally shot gunned with Russell and was feeling pretty high. 

I have a no technology policy when I drink and/or smoke, but since I was already texting with him she decided she wanted to see him. I pulled up his FB page and she thought he was super cute and proceeds to friend him and then starts messaging him under my account. She asks what his intentions are with me.  We were rolling around laughing. Then he tells my mother that he loves me and that he’s really happy we are back together now that he’s back from FL. Finally at 1am, she and Russell call it a night and I went over to his place. 

He was already in bed and greeted me all cute and sleepy. He kissed me and took me into his room. He moved from the friend’s place and next door into a roommate situation with a surfer guy. It will be a perfect surfer haven for him…haha. I was super drunk, so I don’t remember a lot but I know he fucked the shit out of me and then we passed out. I woke up in pain around 5:30am b/c I have hurt my side from a wreck I was in last weekend, so I came on home to take some meds and fall back into bed before Chloe woke up. I woke up this morning with my nipples feeling very sore, so I know we had a great time! 

On an interesting note, I kind of blew Owen off this morning. I was busy with my mom and Chloe, but I feel like if things continue to progress with The Chilean, I’m going to stop seeing him. I have to make room in my life for him if I decide I really want him in it.

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  1. This one really should have been labeled with a warning.. " may shoot wine through nostrils, laughing so hard"
    Your Mama high, it's more than my brain can handle!
    Ps.. Happy to hear you optimistic about a guy!