Friday, July 27, 2012

No Sex Challenge

After dropping my Mom off at the airport, Chloe and Russell had a daddy-daughter night at his summer man cave because he knew I had plans to see The Chilean. People, you could not ask for a better ex husband than this guy. I mean, damn.

The Chilean had jujitsu practice, so he didn't get finished until late. This is going to work out very well because he trains like 3 or 4 nights a week and isn't finished until late...which is when I'm available. Anyway, he came over last night after that and we sat on the porch drinking margaritas and I'd made him some food. We're talking and he's telling me his life story (again...seems I was too drunk to remember the 1st time). He told me that he got married when he was 21 and it was basically a shotgun wedding, although he felt it was the right thing to do. They stayed married 12 years and then after the divorce, he moved here.

In the middle of this conversation, he keeps telling me how beautiful I am and such and then he busts this out of no where. He told me that he wants us to go a week without sex b/c he wants to know that I like him for him and not just the sex. He said it starts after he left this morning...lol, which meant he still got sex last night and this am. I'm betting he won't last, but I'm thinking about making him.

Last night's sex was literally some of the best ever. He made me cum so hard and so much that I felt it was only polite to offer to sleep in the giant wet spot. He let me, but he slept cuddled up beside me. We woke up this morning and did it again, though we were both exhausted after only a few hours of sleep, so it was less intense than last night. I'm pretty sure the whole neighborhood heard us last night.

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