Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Nerd Alert

An off topic post per the norm around here but I’m a nerd and I’m excited.  I work on the administrative side of a health care organization. One of my co-workers has been touting the benefits of standing at work for several months now. Ever since I heard his presentation I’ve been obsessed with the idea of creating a stand up desk and a couple weeks ago I finally did it.

After researching and talking to some other staff members who are making the transition I found this “life hack” and a way to create an inexpensive stand up desk.  I made a weekend trip to my local Ikea before Christmas and Peabody came up to my office one day and helped me put it all together and I freaking love it!  I’ve been standing for almost three weeks now and it’s changed my work life totally.

I don’t get that mid afternoon slump where you’re fighting sleep, I focus more when I’m working, I have a million times better posture, and the few aches and pains I’d have after sitting all day are completely gone.  
About the only time I sit down during the day now are during lunch or during meetings.  And consequently, because I’m standing all the rest of the time, I actually focus during meetings instead of day dreaming. 

There is tons of stuff on the web about the benefits of standing ranging from weight loss to lowered blood pressure/cholesterol to increased productivity. We have about 10 administrative staff members who have made the switch to standing now including someone in my own office who got hot on the idea after seeing me switch. Even Peabody is going to make the switch now!

If you have the opportunity and you can make it work in your work space you should do it! I love it!


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