Monday, January 7, 2013

Counting Down

Life has been busy busy busy!  Peabody and I are just swimming along magnificently.  We had a great Christmas together and he loved his gifts. He totally surprised me with a Patagonia fleece pullover and a bunch of stuff for camping that I needed.  Funnily enough we both bought each other the exact same hard to find CD.  We had quite a laugh over that.

New Years we spent in the mountains of NC.  We explored some of his old stomping grounds and met up with one of mine and Gwyn’s friends and spent some time with her and her family.  We also took a detour to Hot Springs. It’s this tiny rustic town with a spa where you sit in private hot tubs facing the French Broad River and lounge around in the mineral water.  I don’t know about its restorative properties but it was an incredibly romantic moment in our relationship.  The blue sky, the gushing river, steam tendrils coming off the bubbling water in the FRIGID air.  It was about as perfect of a moment as you could get.

For the actual NYE some friends of ours met us and we went to dinner and then to see one of our favorite bands.  Afterwards much drunken fun ensued and needless to say, Miranda got to start her new year off with a bang. It was a wonderful three days that made me like Peabody even more than I already did before.

If you saw the post from a couple days ago you saw that we are going to Hawaii in February!  He and I had been kicking around the idea for about a month and it was coming down to the wire to work out the details and we bit the bullet.  We’ll be there most of the first two weeks of the month. We are going to spend a few days at chez’ Jules and then head to the next island over while the girls are stuck working.  We are going to camp and hike through Kauai and I cannot wait.  Peabody has camped his whole life and I camped a fair amount as a kid. Over the last couple years I’ve been really wanting to go again and I’ve been several times with Peabody now.  I can’t imagine how amazing it’s going to be to be immersed in the outdoors in my favorite place in the whole world. After a few days camping we are heading back to wrap up the week with the girls!

I can’t help but imagine countless romantic scenarios in the wilderness of Kauai.  HA! Sometimes I’m such a girl. When I was filling in the girls on our plans Jules asked what our status was.  We’ve been girlfriend/boyfriend almost since the beginning though we are both much more free introducing each other with those titles the last couple of months.  We still haven’t said the “l” word yet but I’ve felt like he’s been on the verge for a little while.  What better place to hear it for the first time than in Hawaii?

I cannot wait to take him there and see him fall in love with it the way we all have.  I really think he’s going to love it so much.  I do know he’s a little intimidated to meet the girls because he knows how much they mean to me. 

An “awww” moment for you, this weekend we were talking on the phone and filling out some stuff about camping in Hawaii – there’s paperwork you have to fill out and then there are all sorts of “meet up” groups of people hiking and camping.  One of the sites we both were on has us fill out a short profile and then link as friends.  When we accepted each other’s invitation to connect, we had to say how we knew each other and he wrote “She’s my best friend.”  Awwwww lol.  It was really sweet. 

24 days and counting till all my favorite people in the world are in one place!


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  1. Mr. Wanton Here:
    Make sure you have some contingency plans when you go to Hawaii. It's very rainy there from December- March!