Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Baby Boom

So Sunday I found out my brother and his wife are expecting their first kid.  They’ve apparently been trying for quite a while and though they had a rough patch earlier this year, things are apparently on the up and up with them. 

My mom is over the moon. It’s been a good while since we had a baby in the family and quite honestly I think we were all starting to wonder if they were ever going to have kids.  It’s nice though because this is the first big happy family thing that has affected all of us since my dad passed away.  I digress though…

After they told me I met them at my mom’s house for a little family celebration time.  I queried if they’d told Duckie and the kids and they hadn’t so I called them up and put them on speaker phone.  I told them “we” had some special news for them and to turn their phone on speaker. They did and my sister in law started talking (without introducing herself) and said “I’m having a baby!”

There was a moment of dead silence then a choked sputtering and “what???” from Duckie.  We sat there in silence for a moment and then I died laughing because I realized Duckie thought I was the one saying I was pregnant! HA! 

Through my peals of laughter I clarified the situation but I’m pretty sure Duckie had a mini stroke from it.  It was a freaking hilarious way to cap off my Sunday!  


PS - Seriously, this is the third person I'm close to that's having a baby now.  If I ever worried about having an itch to have another baby I'm pretty damn sure I'm done because these ovaries aren't feeling anything even in the midst of this baby boom!

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