Monday, November 5, 2012

Waiting to Exhale

This weekend Peabody took me to the mountains of Virginia for a music festival. It was really just want I needed to not be focused on the anniversary of my dad’s death and we had a fabulous time and I feel like it moved our relationship forward a little bit.

We left Thursday afternoon and I will admit I was a wee bit nervous because I didn’t know how I’d feel crying in front of him (which I was surely going to do) and because this is the longest we’ve been together (just the two of us). I always think a “road trip” is an ultimate test of a relationship and I’m happy to say I feel like we passed with flying colors.

Over a weekend of much drinking and indulging we met some of the craziest cast of characters ever. Hippies, stoners, old people, young people, people with names like Wild Bill, Jeb, Fireman Mick, Elvis, and much more. Hell we even met some swingers!

Friday morning around the campfire we started talking to this couple who were really very nice.  Immediately something clicked in me though and I just knew they were swingers.  I told Peabody and he didn’t believe me.  As the night went on at some point the wife made some reference to sex and we were joking about it.  Even later in the night she said something to Peabody and I started laughing and thought she was flirting with him.   We had a good laugh about it and then when we went to bed finally Peabody decided to go take a shower before bed.  As he opened the camper door she popped in.  I was already buried in the covers and I swear all I could think was “lord don’t let this woman climb in the bed with me.”

So eventually we go to bed and the next morning when I got up he was sitting outside talking to the husband while I went and took a shower. When I got back he was inside the camper dying laughing and said that the husband had apologized for his wife’s behavior the night before because she was trying to get ME in bed!  WTF??? I swear I don’t remember her flirting with me but maybe my radar was just too focused on Peabody lol.  It was hilarious!

As far as my dad stuff, I did cry a little Friday morning when Peabody asked me how I was feeling.  He jumped up so quick and started hugging me it made me laugh.  I also cried a little later that day when I talked to my mom and he was super sweet hugging me and taking care of me.  I gave him my phone about 3 pm and asked him to not let me look at it again for the next hour (because that’s when everything happened with my dad) and he did just that and we wrapped up that hour having one of the best sexual encounters we’ve had to date. HA! Not quite how I considered marking the anniversary but it definitely set the tone of the weekend.

There’s a ton of other funny stuff that happened like laughing at stoner conversations, taking about making plans for things that aren’t happening until the middle of next year, dancing our asses off, people falling down everywhere, and the most random crazy lobster feast I’ve ever seen but really words can’t do any of it justice.  It was a really, really good weekend.  I won’t say that all my insecurity is gone but I definitely made some leaps and bounds and I am just doing my best to trust that sometimes, things aren’t too good to be true.


PS – Halloween night Duckie and Peabody did meet. It was weird and a little strange and it made Peabody get possessive afterwards which cracked me up greatly. 

PSS – On Halloween night I gave Peabody a T-shirt he’s seen a while back that he’d said he wanted and you’d think I’d had bought him the Grand Canyon. Has anyone ever done anything nice for this guy?

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