Thursday, May 29, 2014

Crazy Magnet Still ON

Remember Gavin? Well I managed to find him in a different person but not really...
So, I am staying with a friend for a few weeks and she has a neighbor who moved into her building a few doors down and has been hanging out with her.  We all went out Memorial Day to this community event and before and after drank copious amounts of wine and cocktails. I probably had two bottles of wine, if not more. Point being, I'm blaming this one on the alcohol, lol. We hang out and finally my friend, Polly, tells me that this guy wants to sleep with me, in front of the guy. He took that as his cue to start kissing me and he was a good kisser so it went from there into him playing with me and finally me going back to his apartment (by that I mean some guy's apartment that his brother takes care of). We fuck in his brother's bed, I later find out because he sleeps on the couch. His brother was quite unimpressed with my ability to squirt and I felt bad for him once I realized it was in fact HIS bed. 
During the evening, this guy offered me cocaine and weed no less than five times. He has a lot of charisma which is what drew me to Gavin. Gavin was crazy, but he was hella fun crazy. This guy is the same.  I mean they are practically the same damn person. 
Last night, we are all hanging out and he proceeds to start talking about the times he has been in jail and how only once was for a felony. Then he drops that his mom bought him a ticket home to the mainland so he can move back in with her and get his shit together. Yep, seriously. Oh and he launched into tales of swinger parties too, although I can get on topic there. I swear it is like every time he spoke,  I was transported back to Gavin. I did sober up and got off that crazy train because I have seen the end of this movie already, but today's plot  twist was a little unexpected. 
Meanwhile, Polly's husband allows her a boyfriend and he was part of who we were hanging out with last night and he kept making all these sexual references, showing us the restraints on his bed, etc and asking me to hang out this summer while Chloe is gone as his "wing woman". I left there and went to Gavin clone's apartment to help him find his phone he had lost the night before. He lost it in a couch cushion and it took all of three seconds to find. He then proceeds to offer me more drugs so that I can stay up and fuck him again. I declined and went home to bed. I need to get back into my house ASAP, lol!! 
Today I go to work and see Owen at lunch for some hot ass sex on the beach. Sex with him lately has been at a new level of great. We went through a few awkward encounters right before I left The Fisherman. I think because I was torn and feeling like my marriage sucked and maybe this contributed, but of  course I never felt guilty enough to stop. So now that I'm free, things have shifted back into our amazing rhythm. He literally rocked my world this afternoon. It was never bad awkward because there is no such thing as bad sex with him, but it was not our A game. I am pleased to report A game is back on! 
When I got home tonight,  Polly told me she fucked the Gavin clone today. Seriously, I couldn't make this stuff up.  


  1. This made my head spin Jules lol -Miranda

  2. My friends at work, who are mostly pretty conservative, told me that my life should be a reality tv show and they would all watch. They only know the funny, tame things I tell them in the office. Can you imagine if they knew about what really goes on?! -Jules

  3. I like that you have an ass sex guy. It almost makes your ass an entity that requires its own sex.

    WTF .... is with our desire for crazy destructive people. I am trying to coin a new phrase..."great in the sac...monkey on your back. "

    Or something like that...I need Don Drapers advice...

  4. Lol Kenny, I meant it was just hot sex, we actually did have anal sex too, but I wasn't being literal.

  5. I am trying to break the pattern, once I sobered up and realized he was the exact same person as Gavin, I have avoided him. I didn't have sex with him again the next night even though the opportunity was very present. I am drawn to that type though, maybe because I'm a social worker and I think I can fix them? I know that's not possible, but it seems like a plausible explanation. -Jules